Junior Vice Commandant Tim McCrory


Tim McCrory enlisted in the USMC the day he turned 17 years old, under the J program (Delayed Entry) Tim Traveled by bus to Grand Forks North Dakota to the receiving center then to Minnesota to board a bus over the Rocky Mountains and down to MCRD San Diego. Tim graduated bootcamp and ITR, and was stationed at Camp Pendelton. Tim spent time at Camp Lejeune as a tank welder, and then went to clerk typist school. Tim spent time at GITMO for 6 months as a part of a Logistic Support Group before being deployed to Vietnam where he was recruited for 2 cases of .45 ammo to work at H&S Company 3/7 1st Mar Div where he did everything but logistical work. Tim left Vietnam in June of '67 and sent to Norfolk VA until he was discharged January 12th 1968.

Tim has been a longtime member and officer of the Oak Ridge Detachment since November of 1994, serving in practically every role. He now provides years of experience and guidance to the current slate of officers as the Junior Vice Commandant.

(Note from the Commandant: this is one humble and hard working hard charger. You won't find a more caring and generous Marine. I am proud to call him my brother and friend.)